Prospect Ramblings: Round 1 Winners, Losers, and In-Betweeners

Pat Quinn


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Welcome to the Thursday prospect ramblings. This week I will just do a quick recap of round one with my thoughts on who hit it out of the park, who struck out in one pitch, who kind of did kind of fine, and what I was confused about. Round one was sure surprising, feel free to throw your thoughts in the comments or on my twitter.


Speaking of my twitter, here is my #GoodTweet of the week (p.s. please stop everyone you know from buying EA NHL so I can get an actual good hockey game that improves annually):



As always Bill Burr has the best take on the draft and how we all sit around to watch it like a bunch of fools. This is seriously one of my favorite bits ever and I watch it before I go watch the draft every year! (NSFW FYI)







Los Angeles

Drafting Quinton Byfield over Tim Stutzle despite LA having about 15 centres is a win. Byfield was easily the best player available and could wind up being the best rookie/prospect in LA’s system right now



Do I love Drysdale over the other forwards available, not really, but Drysdale is the player the Ducks need? It may not be best to draft need over best player available, but it is also very difficult to be critical of any early Ducks draft picks since they appear to always draft NHLers in rounds 1 and 2. Then, somehow, at #27 the Ducks just go out and draft Jacob Perrault who could wind up being the second best goal scorer out of this draft. He is a really nice player and one you should reach on for fantasy.



Calgary drafted down twice and added a third-round selection each time, and in the end Zary was a fantastic pick. There is not much else to add here other than Calgary was the smartest team drafting in the first round as they gained assets and likely still took the player they were targeting. Though I guarantee they were targeting Mercer at #19 and once the Devils snatched him up, they decided to trade down.



Hard to Call it Winning if Top Players fall to you, but Props for Drafting the BPA

Detroit taking Lucas Raymond at #4, Minnesota taking Marco Ros