Dobber’s DraftCast Episode 9: Draft Rankings Top-100 Scouting Meeting

Jokke Nevalainen



On this episode of Dobber’s DraftCast, hosts Tony Ferrari and Jokke Nevalainen are joined by the majority of the DobberProspects’ scouting team to sort out the teams top-100 2020 NHL Draft rankings! This behind the scenes look gives a bit of an idea of what a scouting meeting is like, our evaluations of over 100 players, and the reasoning behind why we have players where we have them. The meeting was edited down from its original length to include just the discussion relevant to the draft and the prospects.


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0:15 Intro

5:30 Lafreniere, Byfield

7:45 Raymond, Stutzle, Rossi

13:00 Top-10 (Alexander Holtz, Jamie Drysdale, Jake Sanderson, Cole Perfetti, Anton Lundell)

27:35 10-15 (Yaroslav Askarov, Rodion Amirov, Seth Jarvis, Dawson Mercer, Mavrik Bourque)

37:15 15-20 (Connor Zary, Jacob Perreault, Noel Gunler, Helge Grans, Braden Schneider)

54:30 20-27 (Jack Quinn, Dylan Holloway, Lukas Reichel, Kaiden Guhle, Hendrix Lapierre, Jan Mysak, Marat Khusnutdinov)

1:19:00 28-38  (Topi Niemelä, Emil Andrae, Thomas Bordeleau, John-Jason Peterka, Jérémie Poirier, Brendan Brisson, Daniil Gushchin, Ozzy Wiesblatt, Theodor Niederbach, Kasper Simontaival, William Wallinder)

1:44:30 39-50 (Ryan O’Rourke, Jean-Luc Foudy, Tyson Foerster, Joel Blomqvist, Tristen Robins, Alexander Pashin, Tyler Tullio, Daniel Torgersson, Brock Faber, Ty Smilanic, Ridly Greig, Zion Nybeck)

2:01:00 Rankings break with Jeff Rea talks with Tony about the Draft Diaries series

2:09:00 50-60 (Brandon Coe, Roni Hirvonen, Martin Chromiak, Sean Farrell, Emil Heineman, Luke Evangelista, Vasili Ponomaryov, Roby Järventie, Sam Colangelo, Jake Neighbours)

2:19:30 60-76 (Lukas Cormier, Drew Commesso, Jaromir Pytlik, Joni Jurmo, Justin Barron, Nico Daws, Colby Ambrosio, Veeti Miettinen, Oskar Magnusson, Eamon Powell, Wyatt Kaiser, Eemil Viro, Dylan Peterson, Luke Tuch, Charlie DesRoches, Justin Sourdif)

2:35:00 77-90 (Evan Vierling, Ethan Edwards, Anton Johannesson, Jan Bednar, Calle Clang, Rory Kerins, Dmitri Ovchinnikov, Daemon Hunt, Ruben Rafkin, Brett Berard, Maxim Groshev, Josh Lawrence, Bogdan Trineyev,Pavel Tyutnev)

3:05:00 91-100 (Yevgeni Oksentyuk, Jack Finley, Samuel Knazko, Kasper Puutio, Pavel Novak, James Hardie, Elliot Desnoyers, Yegor Suchkov, Dylan Garand, Isaak Phillips)

3:12:00 Goodbye! Stay safe!


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Name Fantasy Upside NHL Certainty
Ilya Nabokov 6.5 5.0
Pavel Moysevich 6.0 3.0
Max Plante 7.5 4.5
Jack Pridham 6.0 7.0
Brodie Ziemer 6.5 7.0
Matvei Gridin 8.5 6.5
Dean Letourneau 6.5 7.5
Kamil Bednarik 6.0 8.0
Cole Hutson 9.0 6.0
Luke Osburn 5.5 7.0