Prospect Ramblings: NHL 2020 Re-Draft

Pat Quinn




Welcome to the Thursday prospect ramblings and coincidentally the first ever on the internet: NHL 2020 Re-Draft.


I have been to the future, five years exactly, and I can tell you what every player looks like development-wise in the 2025 off season, which is coincidentally where I wrote a majority of the re-draft profiles (also the New Jersey Devils have won the team’s third straight Stanley Cup, I am for sure not a homer). I will identify where they would be drafted in 2025 if the draft was to be held again. Obviously, I do not want to give away the draft order of teams as it would ruin your draft watching experience, but I will let you know the trade speculation from Sportsnet and TSN was again over-hyped.


This is actually how the 2020 draft went because a super genius wrote it: 


First though, here is my #GoodTweet of the week:





Remember this is the First Ever 2020 NHL Re-Draft, so do not use this when drafting in your NHL prospect draft whenever we get the draft or else your rival GMs will know you cheated



1st overall: Alexis Lafreniere

  • Surprise, the top player of the draft remained the top player five seasons later
  • He puts up the points, shoots, and hits, but holy does he put himself in some bad spots driving to the net, it explains why he has missed an average of 10 games over the last three seasons
  • He has become the second best LW to own in fantasy though, it is amazing how Ovechkin is still putting up 45+ goal seasons at 39!


2nd overall: Quinton Byfield

  • To think everyone thought he was a bust when he was drafted and then sent to Europe for his D+1 season, instead of heading back to the CHL
  • All it took was two NHL seasons for him to become the #1 centre for [draft team] and is he not slowing down one bit
  • There is still plenty of contention over who should have been first overall in 2020, but I still give the edge to Lafreniere as he still puts up the better points per game


3rd overall: Cole Perfetti

  • It is still crazy that Perfetti was saved for the latter part of the top 10 picks when he has out-produced and out-played them all (except the top two of course)
  • He has sure solidified himself as a great 2C and powerplay producer, and really make the [team that drafted him] look smart for nabbing him before he fell any further
  • I just wish they came up with a better nickname for him than “Perfecti” as it was lame. Wish my nickname of “Cole’s Spaghetti” stuck…


Side note: Whenever I hear Cole Perfetti I hear this song: