Prospect Ramblings: Drafted too high, developed improperly or injury-related 2015

Pat Quinn




Welcome to the Thursday prospect ramblings where I will continue my project for the next couple of ramblings. If you forget I am taking a look at the past NHL drafts (since 2014) and self-analyzing if the players were: drafted too high, developed improperly or injury-related.

I started with 2014 (see it here: and then realized that 2015 is also an adventure that will take some writing and combining it with 2016 would make this far too large. Today is just a look at 2015, next week will be 2016, and I will wrap up with 2017-2019. For the record I have no insider knowledge here, only what I have read/heard and my personal assumption when it comes to some aspects of this analysis.


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I want to add that the NHLs proposed early June draft is a really bad idea and I thoroughly dislike it





Let me begin:


Dylan Strome – 3rd overall by Arizona Coyotes

  • Simply put: Drafted too high
  • A lot of people still think he can turn out in to a solid 60+ point producer but at what time does that dream die?
  • I will give him this though, his skating has improved a lot. He will probably hang out in the 42-53-point range for his career (unless stapled to Patrick Kane)
  • Considering who all went after this pick was much too high


Pavel Zacha – 6th overall by New Jersey Devils

  • I will get this out of the way (again), I am a huge Devils homer and do not think Zacha has been that bad. Would the Devils have been better off taking Provorov, Werenski, Meier or Rantanen, of course
  • With that all said I believe this is more in the drafted improperly side of things, with a touch of drafted too high. It would be a combination of: no skilled line mates, scrutiny when other players received none for similar mistakes, healthy scratches, and being sent to the AHL, all courtesy of coach Hynes.
  • He showed more life this season, and when h