Talking with Tony: Dylan Peterson 2020 Draft Interview

Tony Ferrari


Photo by Rena Laverty, courtesy of the U.S. NTDP


I had the chance to jump on a Zoom call with Dylan Peterson, a center for the U.S. National Team Development Program. We chatted about his season, his family’s role in his development and he tells a funny story about the shootout. We also took a look at some video from this past season and broke down the tape. 


Bio Information courtesy of Elite Prospects


Tony Ferrari: With the season coming to an early end, what is the feeling you’re left with when you think back on it?


Dylan Peterson: I mean, it’s super unfortunate but everyone’s in the same boat. A lot of teams and a lot of seasons were ended early. It just sucks for us because we had a real shot at doing well at the World U18s there. We were playing well towards the end of the season and we felt like we had a really good shot and we worked really hard up to that point so just to have it end early is really disappointing for myself and the entire team.


TF: The U.S. National Team Development Program is a unique opportunity for young players. There are often