April Draft Report: Mailbag, Defense and Mr. Safety

Tony Ferrari



The NHL Draft Report is a monthly column that highlights a number of topics in the NHL Draft world at the time. Each month will have the main feature story, a themed ‘Team of the Month’, and a Prospect Spotlight that takes a bit of a deeper look at a player. This month the Draft Report includes a ‘Mailbag’ of questions from Twitter, the All-Defensive Team and a Prospect Spotlight on Kamloops Blazers center Connor Zary. 


Mailbag Time! 


I asked you for questions and I got what I asked for! I’ve chosen some of the best from the comments and a few DMs that I received and I’ll do my best to answer them! I am sorry I couldn’t get to all of them but if I didn’t get to them and you really want to hear my opinion, feel free to DM me @theTonyFerrari and I will get back to you there! Without further ado, let’s get to some of your questions! 




I’m not against Yaroslav Askarov in the top-three in theory but I can’t do it myself because of the volatility of the goaltender position. While I haven’t been on the “Goalies are Voodoo” train for a while, there is some truth to it. I think that because of the position’s dependence on the team in front of him, to a degree, it makes this a bit more difficult for me. 


While I believe there is a chance, as small as it may be, that Askarov is the best player in the draft class when we look back on it in a decade, there is a real chance, equally as small, that he amounts to nothing. Add to that, many teams still struggle with scouting netminders because they don’t always have specialized scouts. As much as I appreciate the boldness of putting Askarov third, the highest I could argue myself to is sixth. I love Askarov and I truly believe he is one of the best goalie prospects to come out in a long, long time but there is still volatility to the position I can’t justify passing on a Tim Stützle or a Lucas Raymond because of it. 



This is an interesting question. The short answer is that I think powerplay production is different based on different player’s circumstances. I think that in junior hockey, powerplay production is very easy to come by. The disorganization and inexperience on the penalty kill often lead to skilled players dominating in the extra space. It is a regular occurrence for junior teams are just putting out their veterans and overage players on the penalty kill and this oftentimes leads to the skilled players taking advantage and destroying worlds on the powerplay. 


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