Prospect Deep Dive: – Tristen Robins – Saskatoon Blades (Interview + Video)

Joel Henderson


Tristen Robins – C – Saskatoon Blades

Central Scouting didn’t rate him pre-season. 

134th NA – Midterm rankings

86th NA – Final rankings

14th in WHL scoring

3rd in First Year Draft eligible scoring

Monster second half with 54 points in 33 games. 

Who is Tristen Robins? Drafted in the 4th round of the 2016 WHL Draft by the Regina Pats. Traded to Saskatoon when Regina loaded up as the Memorial Cup hosts a few years ago. I was able to talk on the phone for a while with Tristen. Let’s talk to the Saskatoon Blades star and get a sense of who he is before we turn to some video analysis. 


Brrrrrrring. Brrrrrring. 


Just to start, last year you had someone on your team who was a top prospect and it kind of forced you lower in the lineup, what were your expectations and aspirations for yourself going into this year compared to last?


I think this year losing a couple players and obviously our number one guy in Kirby, gave a pretty big opportunity  for myself playing. I played a bit of wing at the start because we still had Florchuk in our lineup. He got traded and I started to play centre a little bit more. I really have no issue playing either position, left wing, right wing, or centre. I just wanna get on the ice in whatever way opens up more opportunity for myself. 


Do you see yourself as a C moving forward?


Yeah. I enjoy taking faceoffs. I don’t know why. I guess it’s because I’m super competitive. I don’t really have any issues swapping back and forth or to play one certain position so either one I’d be totally happy with. I don’t have any issue jumping around the lineup. 


I noticed as well that when it comes to PP time sometimes you take the faceoffs and sometimes you don’t. Is there a reason for that?


Chase Wouters was our best faceoff guy this year… so if we were trying to do a set play then he would be in there. Otherwise, I’d probably end up taking the faceoff. If he was, then it was usually a set play to get a quit hitter off the draw. 


I know (on the PP) you like to get in close and pull a drag move for deception or to change the angle. Is that something you worked on quite a bit?


Yeah that was something I kind of focused on in the summer with my skating coaches not only with shots but with my movement through the neutral zone. Deception of speed. Pulling and shooting. It obviously gives you a better angle to shoot the lower you get. It gives you a better look at the net. Pulling it even a few inches could ultimately lead to a goal. Giving that little bit of deception could be super beneficial. 


It seems like you look for those things; you look to get screens and look to be deceiving. Do you feel like that’s accurate?


Yeah, for sure. I think it’s super hard on the goaltenders and talking with Meier (Saskatoon goalie) as well. Him and I kinda work on stuff like that in practice at the ends. But yeah, shooting through a screen a