March 2020 PNHLe Report

Mason Black



With the abrupt end to professional and amateur hockey leagues around the world a short time ago, it has left hockey poolies in a state of shock and disbelief without knowing what the final outcome will look like for the 2019-20 season. 


I thought it would be prudent to take a look at the final PNHLe – a fantasy stat to predict a prospect’s NHL point potential – standings in the more than likely scenario of no more regular season games being played this season. Below is a ranking of the top-25 drafted and draft-eligible prospects, as well as a quick snippet about each player. 


I would highly recommend clicking on any/all of the player links to get an in-depth look and scouting report from the amazing group of writers that Dobber Prospects staffs. 


Quinton Byfield (111) – 2020 Draft Eligible – From all accounts, Byfield’s draft status seems to have taken a tumble in the recent months, whereas prior to the World Junior Championship (WJC) there was talk he could contend for the first overall pick. The rate of point production that he has put up is one of the best in the last decade, and the fact that Byfield is one of the youngest draft-eligible players gives him a boost in PNHLe if you are wondering why someone like Lafreniere – who has a higher points-per-game – is ranked lower than the Sudbury center. When the dust settles, I am very confident that he will be the second player taken in this year’s draft.


Alexis Lafreniere (104) – 2020 Draft Eligible – Any irrational doubt earlier this season that could see any other player vie for the first overall pick in the upcoming entry draft were quickly erased during the WJC where he showcased his game-breaking talent to help lead Canada to the gold medal. Amazingly, he is only scratching the surface and some lucky NHL team is going to acquire a franchise player when they win the draft lottery. Lafreniere’s PNHLe (104) is the lowest value he has posted during his short career and he will jump directly onto an NHL roster and make an impact next season.


Marco Rossi (102) – 2020 Draft Eligible – Although he had the luxury of playing on arguably the best team in the CHL, which has certainly inflated his numbers, there is no question that he was the engine behind his team’s success. Rossi is dynamic in both ends of the rink and plays a lot bigger than his size. In most drafts, he would be considered as a top-two pick, so the fact that a team could end up selecting him outside of that range is a testament to how strong the top-10 picks are this year.


Cole Perfetti (92) – 2020 Draft Eligible – 110 points during a draft year is no small feat, and Perfetti has rocketed up the draft rankings throughout the 2019-20 season. He is an explosive skater and can elude defenders by using his hockey sense to read plays instantaneously; a dangerous combo that will have NHL and fantasy scouts anticipating his ultimate potential.


Nicholas Robertson (89) – Toronto Maple Leafs (LW) – The first post-draft player to make the PNHLe rankings, Robertson shot up the OHL scoring leaderboard on a powerful Peterborough Petes team. He sniped an amazing 55 goals despite only suiting up for 46 games and totaled 86 points