Prospect Ramblings: Winners & Losers from the NHL Trade Deadline

Brayden Olafson



This year’s NHL trade deadline seemed particularly more involved than several of the past few years, with one of the biggest reasons being because so many teams still seem to be in playoff contention. Despite a disproportional amount of teams buying, there were still a significant amount of prospects who have found themselves new homes over the past week or so. 


With so many variables in play, it’s difficult to know, at a glance, who each of these trades will benefit. Considering the recent deals and the organizations involved which prospects come out as winners, and which ones as losers? Using a brute force method of investigation, today we’re taking a look at some of the teams who’ve made impactful trades in the last week and determining which prospects they help, and which ones they hurt. For each winner and loser, I’ll do my best to quantify the change of value by indicating a +/- score, intended to be applied to their 10-point DobberProspects NHL Certainty score.


New York Rangers


         Acquired: Julien Gauthier, JF Berube, 7 Years of Chris Kreider

         Lost: Joey Keane, Brady Skjei

The transactions made by Jeff Gorton and John Davison support both the short and long term development plan of the New York Rangers. Predominantly driven by the strength and confidence in their defensive depth, the Rangers were able to pad their forward core as well as make room for growth of their prospects. 

Prospect Winners: The Rangers’ entire defense pipeline, but especially Nils Lundkvist +1.0 and Anthony Deangelo +0.7

The Rangers’ clearly demonstrated that the emergence of Nils Lundkvist on the SHL scene this year has them sold. Their defensive flexibility by way of depth was already considered strong, but by moving Skjei and Keane they show proof of their risk calculated decision making. Lundkvist could be an option for the Rangers this fall. 

Prospect Losers: Maybe Vitali Kravtsov -0.5 (short-term)

Adding Gauthier doesn’t hurt Kravtsov, per se, however, acquiring a decent young player to add to their right-wing depth immediately gives the Rangers an additional layer of security and flexibility when it comes to Vitali’s development. His progress in the AHL has been acceptable since returning from Russia in mid-December, but with Gauthier having more credible NHL experience, Kravtsov will likely be on the outside looking in as the Rangers push for the playoffs. 

Anaheim Ducks