Shift Work: Jan Myšák

Tony Ferrari


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Welcome back to Shift Work! The series where I take a look at a draft-eligible player and breakdown a game tape.  I’ll be bringing you some comprehensive breakdowns of a player’s game as we go over an entire game of tape from a player. We will be focusing in on that player’s shifts and getting a peek at what the average game of that player looks like. We won’t cover every shift, but we will go over most of the shifts that the player played an active role in. We will be highlighting a lot of things that scouts and evaluators look for when they are watching a player’s game.


I couldn’t do this nearly as easy if it weren’t for collaboration with Prospect Shifts. The subscription-based website ($5/$10 options available) that takes a draft-eligible player and produces a video with only that player’s shifts. It cuts out the rest of the game, the commercials and intermissions making it much less time consuming to get a quick view on a player for scouts, writers and analysts alike. 




This week we will be focusing on Jan Myšák, the Czech center/winger who is playing in the Czech ExtraLiga. Due to the fact that he plays in a bit of an obscure league, to North American’s at least, he doesn’t get the exposure to the general draft community but with a chance to make the World Junior team and a near guarantee that he will be playing at the World U18 tournament in the spring, he could be a player that jumps out at analysts and f