2020 NHL Draft Ranking: European prospects (November 2019)

Jokke Nevalainen



Here is DobberProspects’ second ranking of European prospects for the 2020 NHL Entry Draft. This ranking was put together on November 2nd because from November 6th onwards, there will be a U18 Five Nations tournament and a U20 Four Nations tournament, and big international events like those could cause unwanted recency bias.


Players eligible for this ranking were those who are potential top 100 picks and playing in Europe for the 2019-2020 season.


Because of that second part, these players who were part of our previous ranking two months ago are now excluded because they moved over to play in North America: Jaromir Pytlik, Vasili Ponomaryov, Harijs Brants, Kasper Puutio, Simon Knak, Oliver Suni, Noah Delémont and Adam Raska.


Other players who would be included without that rule include Marco Rossi, Daniil Gushchin, Ruben Rafkin, Michal Gut and Pavel Novak. These players are also Europeans with top 100 potential but because they are playing in North America, they are excluded from this ranking – we want to focus on those we get to watch regularly here in Europe.


This is not my personal ranking as I received contributions from the following people:


We ended up creating a list that includes 40 prospect that we feel have potential to become top 100 picks. Obviously 40 prospects out of Europe won’t be drafted in the top 100 but the rest of this season will show which prospects will slide into the 100-150 range or possibly even beyond that. But right now, these players have shown enough to deserve top 100 consideration.


European prospects tend to fall on draft day for one reason or another – just look at Patrik Puistola, Pavel Dorofeyev and Anttoni Honka last year – but maybe that shouldn’t be the case. Maybe more European prospects should be drafted within the top 100. That is the reasoning behind this whole ranking.


Now that we’ve gone through those basic details, let’s get to the actual ranking. This time, we have short summaries for each prospect, and at the end of this page we have a table showing the full ranking, everyone’s projected draft range, and how those have changed from August. Enjoy!


  1. Lucas Raymond, W – SHL (Frölunda) – 5-10, 165 lbs – Draft Range: 3-10


Jokke Nevalainen: Raymond continues to hold the top spot among Europeans because of his high-end potential. His ability to generate speed through the neutral zone is hard to miss but he’s also capable of dancing around opposing players by using his edges very well. His hands are elite and the best among this gr