PNHLe Report: October 2019

Mason Black


(Photo: Credit to Tony Gutierrez / AP)



This is the first installment of a monthly article using PNHLe as a statistic to predict future prospect potential at the NHL level. I will take a look at some of the names that are providing early returns and having immediate success in their respective leagues.  


If you are interested, and did not get a chance to read my series on PNHLe Organizational Rankings that has a breakdown of each franchise’s top prospects, I would implore you to do so when you get a chance:


PNHLe Organizational Rankings: 1-5 : Kings, Avalanche, Flyers, Rangers & Devils

PNHLe Organizational Rankings: 6 – 10 : Blackhawks, Stars, Ducks, Maple Leafs & Canadiens

PNHLe Organizational Rankings: 11 – 15 : Flames, Red Wings, Penguins, Hurricanes & Canucks

PNHLe Organizational Rankings: 16 – 20 : Wild, Coyotes, Senators, Oilers & Predators

PNHLe Organizational Rankings: 21 – 25 : Islanders, Panthers, Sharks, Golden Knights, & Sabres

PNHLe Organizational Rankings: 26 – 31 : Blue Jackets, Blues, Capitals, Jets, Lightning, & Bruins


Caution: PNHLe is a stat that fluctuates drastically early on in a season, and a single game can increase/decrease the value by a substantial amount.  Generally, after the 20-game mark the stat tends to level out for the remainder of the season.  


Let us take a look at some NHL prospects that have been very hot early on in the season: 


In comparison, here were the names that I outlined at this time last year, where many of the following players could have been purchased for pennies on the dollar: Cale Makar, Victor Olofsson, Drake Batherson, Emil Bemstrom, Alex Nylander, Lawrence Pilut, Scott Perunovich, and <