Prospect Ramblings: Fantasy Hockey Guide sneak peek

Hayden Soboleski




If you frequent this site, you’re probably a bit of a prospect nerd. We’re here for you, we understand you. As prospect geeks ourselves, we know it can be tempting to brush off the pool guides that come out from certain unnamed sources – the ones that have no problem telling you McDavid will surpass 100 points, but have no idea which prospects will be joining their teams and what their roles are likely to be.


I’m here to tell you that DobberHockey’s Fantasy Hockey Guide is serious content even for prospect-focused readers. Not only that, I’m going to go ahead and give you a sneak peek at a few prospect tidbits from the guide, to entice you to go out and invest. For a few bucks, you get over 150 pages of fantasy hockey content, covering everything from roster projections, to specialty sleeper sections, to breakout candidates, and more.


If I’ve already convinced you, the Guide can be found here:


If not, hopefully this can help change your mind:


  • One sophomore on Dobber’s own 5-on-5 S% “Should Improve” list: Andrei Svechnikov


  • Not only is it predicted that Troy Terry will stick in the Ducks lineup all year – he’s their anticipated second-highest scorer


  • In the long-term section of the “PIM Producers” list, watch out for Kieffer Bellows who hit 101 PIM last season in the AHL


  • The “Long Term Investments” list is a long one, but one player included who you might not have pegged for a wait: Robert Thomas


  • The Blackhawks stocked up on prospect wingers, but none of Dylan Sikura, Alex Nylander, or Aleksi Saarela are projected to surpass 31 games played


  • One rookie that made it onto the “Goalies To Watch” list: Colorado’s Pavel Francouz


  • Which Bruin is due to cross the breakout games played threshold this season? It’s recent DobberProspects graduate Danton Heinen


  • The % confidence in Owen Tippett cracking the Panthers this season? 75%


  • One under-the-radar darkhorse candidate on the “Calder Candidates” list: LA’s Nikolay Prokhorkin


  • How many games does newcomer Adam Fox get into for the Rangers? Guide says 74


  • I wont say more than this, but the large contingent of Trevor Moore hopefuls in the Maple Leafs fanbase might not be thrilled about his projected totals


  • Yes, even Leafs fans like making other Leafs fans angry


  • A longshot sleeper pick – the Guide gives Ty Smith a 15% chance of hitting the 40-point mark as a rookie


That’s enough freebies, I can’t go giving away the whole thing! Hopefully this has piked your interested enough to see just how much depth there is to this essential fantasy tool.

Just go check it out:



Hayden Soboleski







Name Fantasy Upside NHL Certainty
Tristan Luneau 7.5 8.0
Zachary Nehring 4.5 5.0
Jacob Julien 5.5 5.0
Antti Tuomisto 4.5 6.0
Aku Räty 5.8 5.0
Miko Matikka 6.5 6.5
Nathan Smith 6.2 6.0
Jan Jenik 7.2 6.5
Ilya Fedotov 6.0 3.0
Noel Nordh 6.5 7.0