Early Looks: Antonio Stranges

Sam Stern





The 2019 OHL rookie class is likely going to be one that we remember. There are at least five that will be jockeying to be selected in the top-10 of what could be the most exciting draft class we’ve ever seen.


Stranges is among the aforementioned group of OHL rookies. He’s supremely talented but played in a somewhat diminished role on a deep, older London Knights team. Despite often being relegated to the fourth line, Stranges’ undeniable individual skill as well as his ability to use his teammates effectively make him a prime candidate to go early on draft day.


Scouting Report:

  • Shoots: Left
  • DOB: 02/05/02
  • Height: 5’10
  • Weight: 170



Stranges is one of the best and most unique skaters in the class. He employs a wide stance and immaculate edge work to weave in and out of traffic with the puck. Stranges’ ability to elude defenders this way allows him to take an otherwise harmless play and turn it into a dangerous scoring chance in ways that very few players can.

Here’s an example of how Stranges resets a play, beats two defenders and sets a teammate up in a dangerous area: 



Stranges’ edgework is enhanced by his uncanny ability to weave. What does this mean? He loves to attack more than one defenseman. Generally, this isn’t a great idea, but he’s so slippery that he often gets away with it. His approach is simple– on paper. Once they’ve both engaged he taps the puck to a safe area, points his feet outwards in opposite directions and skates a semi-circle through the two defenders. He does this so quickly that defenders only hit him with glancing blows and he skirts through with possession:




Stranges’ fourth line role didn’t afford him the best opportunities out on the ice. As a result, his shot totals weren’t impressive– on the surface. But, when Stranges did shoot it was often dangerous. In fact, Stranges landed in the 93rd percentile in the entire CHL in Dangerous Shots/60, according to Mitch Brown’s CHL Tracking project.

He’s opportunistic around the net and his co