Robinson: Final 2019 NHL Draft Rankings

Cam Robinson



We have finally reached the end of the line. The games have all been played. The battles have been plenty. The combine has tested the physical and mental fortitude of these young men. All that’s left to do is wait with sweaty palms on June 21/22 in anticipation to hear their name called.


The final edition of the rankings has taken the entire body of work into consideration. The views have been many – for some of these high-end players I’ve seen them 30-odd times over the past two years. The decisions have been difficult. I use the eight weeks between the April and Final rankings as a time to go back and really put my beliefs to the test. I scour. I try to get a few more looks at some players down the board. I chat with other scouts and use those conversations to direct my next inspection. Frankly, I watch far too much hockey while the rest of the world impatiently waits three days between Stanley Cup Final contests. This is also a time where I rely on smarter people than I who have taken countless hours to manually track and tabulate data, plugged it into their models and produced valuable and interesting results. That intel can often be the rudder on my boat journey through old notes and film.


With this final piece, I have publicly released the top 93 prospects (with 31 reports) and put the remainder (with an additional 31 scouting reports) behind a very reasonably priced paywall ($5). Members of my Patreon group receive full access as well. The full document is over 6000 words so you better put on that pot of coffee.


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As always, my assessments are limited. I am but one man who also has a three-year-old son, a teaching career, many writing commitments, and a new show on Sportsnet 650. However, I’m fortunate enough to have a very patient (and very pregnant!) wife. Additionally, I’m privileged to have several experienced scouts to bounce things off of.


This is not intended to mock up what the selections will eventually be this June (my Mock Draft is presented in the aforementioned Fantasy Prospects Report). This is how I perceive the player today in conjunction with how I believe they will progress and develop. I’m limited to mostly assessing these players on their on-ice achievements. Knowing these young men as individuals would be telling towards their drive and determination. S