Prospect Ramblings – Dobber Prospects Report Self-Assessment

Pat Quinn



Welcome to the Thursday ramblings aka an extra hockey thing to read after game seven last night. I am going to go over my top 50 picks that appeared to differ big time from the other writers and poke some fun at some writers (especially Joel, DP’s Flames writer – @dathockeydoe). Those picks being my (and others) top 50 NHL prospects for fantasy purposes that have zero NHL regular season games and goalies do not count. 


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Who did I have lower than the consensus and perhaps why:


Funny story, I do not have any player ranked the lower than other writers… if we count “Not Rated” as the lowest of the low. However, if we count NR as a “no vote” then I still did not have the lowest ranks, in fact I tied! So who did I have ranked low along with a minority of other writers:


  • Rasmus Sandin (TOR) – I like Sandin and think he will become a good NHL player but I do not think his number will fly off the charts like other defensemen I ranked ahead of him. I along with two other writers had him in the late 40’s
  • Kirby Dach (2019) – A 2019 first round pick that is not Jack Hughes (2019) or Kaapo Kakko (2019), or the next tier (Alex Turcotte, Bowen Byram, Cole Caufield), is ranked all over the place. It is mostly preference.
    • NOTE: I do tend to favour already drafted players over raw current draft selections (i.e. 2019 draftees) as the drafted players tend to be more developed and you can project them slightly better. However I am not in favour of moving the draft age to 19 because if you are good at your job professionally as a hockey scout you should be able to draft good players, do not blame them being 18 for the player not panning out.
  • Joel Farabee (PHI) – He is still a very good prospect but lots of people are forgetting about him as he appears more “two-way great player” than a “scoring top six winger” to me (FYI I am no professional scout haha).
  • Dylan Cozens (2019) – I would be able to say I had him ranked the lowest but someone had to have him at 50….Joel! I will also ignore the other writer who had him as NR.



Who did I rank higher than everyone. Myself being the only writer to select a prospect is not included here:


  • Kirill Kaprizov (MIN) – I ranked him fifth, and would have had him higher if not for Nikita Gusev (VGK) as of all the prospects to step on to the rink in October 2019, Gusev would be the best. KK, in my opinion, would be right up there with Hughes and Kakko but right now appears like he will be handcuffed because of the Wild’s new GM Paul Fenton (Seriously read the last interview with him from the Athletic). Also it must be noted that KK has appeared to stagnate a bit in the KHL, even though he did lead the league in goals, a lot of people expected him to also lead in points.
  • Jeremy Bracco (TOR) – I wondered if I was the only one to see him dominate the AHL last season (I guess Hayden Soboleski did too as he had him high as well). The Leafs can seemingly trade William Nylander or Mitch Marner for a top flight defenseman with Bracco waiting in the wings and not lose that much