Nevalainen: Top 25 Finns for the 2019 NHL Draft

Jokke Nevalainen



Since I live in Finland and follow the Finnish prospects more closely than any others, I decided to publish my top 25 ranking of Finnish prospects for the 2019 NHL Entry Draft.


If you want a complete ranking including all nationalities, here’s the latest from our managing editor Cam Robinson: Cam Robinson’s 2019 NHL Draft Rankings – April 2019.


I wrote a short summary of the player and also included some player details like league, team, date of birth and size because I’m sure most readers aren’t familiar with most of the players on my list. If you want more information about them, you can open their profiles by clicking on their names. Not everyone has a profile available yet but those who do should be easy to notice.


I also included a range where I would feel comfortable drafting them. Please notice that this is my personal ranking, not a mock draft. It is very unlikely they get drafted in this exact order.


“How many of these guys are fantasy relevant?” is a question I hear often but the answer to that depends on the depth of your league. The answer could be one, four, ten or even 20. That is why I’m hoping all the information I provided helps you make that decision based the details of your league.


Without further ado, let’s get to the actual ranking.


  1. Kaapo Kakko, RW – Liiga (TPS) – 2001-02-13 – 6’2″, 181 lbs – Top 2 pick


Obviously the top Finn this year, will go either first or second overall. Upside to be a franchise player. Calder Trophy candidate next season.


  1. Ville Heinola, LD – Liiga (Lukko) – 2001-03-02 – 5’11”, 176 lbs – Mid-1st round range


I think Heinola is the top Finnish defenseman this year by a good margin, and I like him somewhere after the top-12 is gone. Isn’t NHL ready right away but has high potential as an offensive defenseman.


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  1. Patrik Puistola, LW – Mestis (LeKi) – 2001-01-11 – 6’0″, 174 lbs – Late 1st round range


Puistola has flown under the radar a bit but he had a great season in Mestis. His great performance at the U18 Worlds pushed him from early second to late first on my board. Upside to be a scoring winger in the top six.


  1. Lassi Thomson, RD – WHL (Kelowna) – 2000-09-24 – 6’0″, 187 lbs – Early 2nd round range


Thomson had a very good season in the WHL and will return to Finland for next season to play pro hockey. He’s