Tournament Review: U18 Worlds – Part 2

Jokke Nevalainen



The U18 Worlds are now over. Sweden won their first ever gold medal at the under-18 level, and doing it while hosting the tournament must feel extra special. Here’s the second part of my tournament review where I go through all the teams from Group B. In case you missed the first part where I went through all the teams from Group A, here’s a link to it: Tournament Review: U18 Worlds – Part 1.


In case you missed the articles I posted during the tournament, here are links to them. I did a bunch of interviews while in Sweden, and I included most of them in those articles.




Winger Maxim Cajkovic (2019) led the team in points with three goals and seven points in seven games. Cajkovic is projected to go in the second round this summer, and his goal-scoring ability was well-known even before this tournament. He has a great shot but the other parts of his game still need some work. He carried an ‘A’ on his chest for the Slovaks.


Another winger who really impressed me was Martin Chromiak (2020) who had two goals and three points in seven games. I wasn’t familiar with him beforehand but saw a lot of potential, so I’m looking forward to see more of him next season.


On defense, Samuel Knazko (2020) was arguably Slovakia’s top defenseman despite being an underager – and he was also their alternate captain. He’s a good puck-mover who also played well on the power play but was held pointless in the tournament. He also made a few massive mistakes which will likely haunt him for a little bit.


Goalie Samuel Hlavaj