Prospect Rambling: Shumakov, Flyers New GM, and Fantasy Hockey Trade

Pat Quinn



Welcome back to the Thursday best prospect ramblings on the internet. I will touch on a few topics being Shumakov’s return, what Hextall’s firing means for the Flyers prospects, and a recent trade in a one year pool.




Shumakov returned for the Hershey Bears over the weekend posting two points in three games, and chipping in only two shots. After a wrist injury that kept him out of the line-up for about six weeks his shot totals will stay low as he begins to regain his comfort with his stick. Shumakov is not a typical high volume shooter though so the totals will not be gaudy.


This season the Capitals have really no room for Shumakov unless injures strike. If he stays in North America he could have a top nine spot in the upcoming season.




With the recent firing of Ron Hextall in Philly, because he did not have a #Gritty enough team (mascot aside) and preferred to go a more patient approach, word is Paul Holmgren wants a GM that can help Philly now and not in time. That can have crazy consequences for the team’s prospect cupboard, which is one of the better ones in the league. When the Flyers bring in a new GM with a mandate to improve the team immediately, and add grit, we should expect some prospects to be on the move.


The Flyers are a nice team for fantasy hockey as they have plenty of scoring. In the plethora of scoring however there are a lot of established players that will keep young players from getting an opportunity to play top six / #1PP time. A move could benefit them the most.


I will list my ideas on the untouchables versus the ones up for grabs. Though will Philly you have to assume no one on that team is untouchable. And yes I do realize that once I write this a majority of players I think are off limits will be moved… *sad face*





Morgan Frost – Frost is one of the best players in the OHL, and in the entire CHL, you do not just move a player like that.


Joel Farabee – The recent first round pick was the first of the Flyers’ two 2018 first round picks making him unlikely to be moved so soon. He is having a tougher go at hockey for Boston College with just six points in 11 games, but he was projected to be a player you would need to wait a couple seasons on.


Jay O’Brien – O’Brien is the likelier of the two 2018 first round picks to get