Prospect Ramblings – Keeper League Drafting – July 12 2018

Pat Quinn



Welcome back to Thursdays prospect ramblings where I have no idea what to talk about as there have been no major signings, trades, or games played since last week that have no already been covered. EXCITING! Get ready for a full ramblings of updates on my keeper drafts.


Side note: Fantrax is the best way to set up a keeper league. It may take some time to get used to the set up but holy do I enjoy it, and I have used CBS, ESPN, and Yahoo 




Back to the H2H 16 team full-keeper points only league where I said I had pick 24 (2-8), 2-11 and 3-4. I then made a bunch of deals to wind up with picks 3-1, 3-2, and 3-3 (picks 33-35), and they were:


Trade 1

Me: Johansen and 3-4


Them: Shattenkirk, 3-1, and 2-11

Reasoning: I needed a point scoring dman and Johansen has really been average at best and declining randomly. I do not expect RyJo to continute to be terrible, he should be at least 60+ points. Shattenkirk is the man in NYR and should get 40+ points. It is a fair deal.


Trade 2

Me: 2-11


Them: 3-2 and 3-7

Reasoning: I am trying to compete and do not have many prospects. Being this low in the draft a couple more swings at players that may work out is better than less.


Trade 3

Me: 3-7 and a 2020 3rd (should be high)


Them: 3-3

Reasoning: I hate waiting for picks and I wanted to pick back to back.


So now, you ask: “Who did you select,” well here is who I picked and where:


2-8 – Jonatan Berggren (DET): High upside and probably the best forward to draft in that spot (NHL likelihood and upside)


3-1 – Kirill Marchenko (CBJ): Very high upside but a lower likelihood to come to the NHL  and make the NHL


3-2 – Antti Suomela (SJ): This pool has a rule when you have to draft unsigned players or college UFA’s, and I think a lot of GMs forgot about Suomela letting him fall to me


I debated on the last pick I had it was between three players, one of which was Nicolas Beaudin who I likely should have chosen. In all seriousness Beaudin could wind up behind Boqvist and Henri Jokiharju, and could never hit his potential.


3-3 – Alexander Khovanov (MIN):A third round pick, so he has a low chance to make it in the NHL. Khovanov did come through points and play-wise once he recovered from Hepatitis A and  does have first round talent. His problem is his play in the periphery, skating, and how he can stop moving his feet. If he can correct his ways he could be a steal for Minnesota, but all in all this is a large boom bust pick that you might as well go for in the later rounds.


I am also trying to get one more pick to use on another high ranked player who slipped in the draft.




In the new keeper league I am in, H2H 12 team Keeper, I had picks 2-12 and 3-8. I traded 3-8 and a 2019 third for 4-2, 4-5 and a 2019 second. I have not gotten to my 4-5 pick yet but I can put on who I drafted already:


2-12 – Martin Kaut (COL): Yeah this surprised me as well. I had a few offers come in but no way I was passing up on a chance to take him, so I did. He may not have the highest of upsides from players picked in the top 20, but at 24 he is a great pick.


4-2 – Alexander Alexeyev (WSH): This pool counts hits, blocks and shots where Alexeyev could become a beast in down the line it was a good spot to take the risk on taking him.




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Name Fantasy Upside NHL Certainty
Antti Tuomisto 4.5 6.0
Aku Räty 5.8 5.0
Miko Matikka 6.5 6.5
Nathan Smith 6.2 6.0
Jan Jenik 7.2 6.5
Ilya Fedotov 6.0 3.0
Noel Nordh 6.5 7.0
Daniil But 8.5 7.5
Julian Lutz 7.0 7.5
Dylan Guenther 8.5 8.5