Ramblings: Draft Week Coverage

Cam Robinson




We are almost there! After a day of travel on Wednesday, I touched down in (overly) hot and humid Dallas to begin the coverage for the 2018 NHL Entry Draft. My esteemed co-worker and Managing Editor, Peter Harling is here as well. DobberProspects has you well covered for this premier event.


This is my first live draft and the thing that stands out the most so far is the bustle of it all. Thursday represented the media availability for the top prospects which meant some time to ask some of these future stars questions and get a sense of their expectations for the week, the day and their future.



  • Some players who stood out due to their poise and articulate natures were Filip Zadina, Quinn Hughes and Noah Dobson. Unsurprisingly, the native-English speaking players looked cool and comfortable at this event, but Filip Zadina added some sass in a few of his responses which is always nice to see.


  • Speaking of Zadina, despite the comments he made after the combine about his feeling that Montreal desired a centre or a defender, he said that the Habs had wined and dined him in the last month and he’d met with their brass on three separate occasions. He also visited with the Senators in Ottawa.


          I know we’ve heard theories that this kid may slide on draft day, but I will be shocked if he’s            there at fifth overall.


  • Hughes strikes me as a highly intelligent kid who spent a good deal of the time talking about his teammates. I remain incredibly high on him as a prospect who could likely step right into an NHL lineup this fall.




I attended Jim Benning’s media scrum earlier in the day. The Canucks’ GM spoke about the unlikelihood that the team would move the seventh overall selection – despite the smoke that’s been swirling around them in the media.


Benning also mentioned how he feels they’re in a great spot at seven. Teams in front of them may be tempted to draft for positional needs rather than the best player available. He assured us that they would not fall victim to the same fate.


Last year, the organization brought Elias Pettersson and Cody Glass to town for extended meetings. This was likely due to the team knowing both would be available and they needed to decide who to select. This year, however, the team didn’t bring in any players for visits. Their plan is to simply select the best player sitting on their board because no one can predict how picks three through nine will play out.




This will be the final time that I inundate you with my Top 130 Final Draft Rankings. I break-down the top 45 prospects, discuss tiers, assets I value heavily, and allow you to be the critics. As for judging the results, we’ll all need to wait five or 10 years to know for certain.


We call that the long game.





I maintain that I’m not a mock draft type of guy. I did sit down with Peter and Aynsley Scott about a month back and we mocked up the first round on an episode of DobberProspectsRadio, but that was more an exercise in pleasure than work for me.


That said, I threw this out on Twitter while bored and sitting around the airport.


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