Prospect Ramblings – Formidable Opponent – June 7 2018

Pat Quinn



Welcome back to my Thursday ramblings where now nothing much is going on except the AHL finals. I will go over the results of Tuesday’s game as the series is so far 2-1 for The Toronto Marlies. Also I will answer some questions!




Tuesday recap:


Marlies won 2-1 in a tight, low-scoring, one penalty all night, type game. The scorers for both teams are not really players you expect to put up points in the NHL, except for Andreas Johnsson (TOR) and Remi Elie (DAL) each with one assist


Garrett Sparks really has played incredible for the Marlies in the playoffs and during the season. Sure part of that is the team in front of him but he has also given Calvin Pickard zero chance to steal his starting role. I know lots of teams are in on attempting to trade for Philipp Grubauer but Sparks would be a fantastic get if a team can grab him cheaply enough.




Well since I only have 180 twitter followers I do not want to send out a request for questions and get none, so instead will answer my own questions to myself. Think of it as another (less funny) episode of “Formidable Opponent” #RIPTheColbertReport




Great Question Asker Person #1: “There are talks Montreal could take Kotkaniemi third overall, are they crazy? In a fantasy draft who would you take third?”


Wow, great question. Lately I have been reading a lot saying how Zadina and Kotkaniemi are actually very close, and honestly I do not see it. This is not to knock Kotkaniemi I just don’t know how you can pass up a player like Zadina in that spot, but it is Mark Bergevin. Mind you if they draft Zadina they may force him to play centre…


As for who would I pick in the three-hole in a fantasy draft, well I could take whoever is left between Svechnikov, Zadina, and Dahlin. Picking fourth I honestly would probably choose Wahlstrom over Kotkaniemi, Hughes, and Boqvist.



Great Question #2: “What positions do you put more emphasis on drafting in fantasy prospect drafts?”


Wow, another great question! I prefer to draft skilled wingers over centres and defensemen for two reasons. The first being that there are always a plethora of scoring centres and wingers who can put up points can fall off a cliff depending on where your league has them. The second one is that defensemen take too long to break out, and by the time they do they are usually over their games played limit.


A good tool here is to look at your leagues LW and RW top scoring position, see which has the least amount on it and target the skilled players in the draft in those positons later on. Of course take the best potential scoring player in the draft (the Dobber Fantasy Prospect Report will help with that), but if a winger and a centre are close in your/others personal projections then take the winger, way more value.



Great Question #3: “Are there any NHL rookies/young players who have played some NHL games and have not really broken out who you think could break out next season (if everything goes right)?”


Whoa! Fantastic question. I will list five with what I think they need to go right for them to beak out, but most are farther away from the trusty “fourth year bump”:


Christian Fischer (ARI) – The number one thing Fischer needs is more ice time, as he averaged just under 14 minutes of ice time per game last season in 79 games. He also barely shot the puck as he registered 1.95 shots and he will need to improve those numbers, especially as a power forward.


Pavel Zacha (NJ) – What Zacha needs to start is line mates who can score (i.e. no more Noesen, Boyle and Stafford), some puck luck as I do not know how many posts I saw him hit last season, also he shot 7.1%, and to be healthy all season. And what he really needs is coach Hynes to stop thinking Travis Zajac is a scoring forward and have some faith in his game instead of giving him 14 minutes a night.