DobberProspects Fantasy Mailbag: August Edition

Cam Robinson



We are slowly but surely getting there. After some late summer tournaments and preseason matches, European leagues have fired up their regular season schedules. The U20 and U18 crowd have had summer showcases and we had another highly entertaining Ivan Hlinka tournament. Now, many of you are gearing up for prospect drafts.


We at DobberProspects feel that the summer months are our busiest so we’re here to help you through process of identifying and procuring the best young talent for your fantasy squads. With that in mind, let’s dive in!



Questions: “Vitali Abramov, what’s the upside and could he surprise at camp and make CBJ?”



Answer: The upside is a seriously dangerous scorer and pure point producer. That’s a darn difficult mountain to climb when you’re 5’9 though, but Abramov has that level of talent.


The thing with players his size is he needs a few things to go his way to make it big time. The easiest way is to be an exceptional talent like Johnny Gaudreau. The more difficult way is you need a coach who can absorb the reality that you’ll get outmuscled from time to time and continue to put you out there with legit talent and in prime spots.


Being surrounded and insulated by complimentary talent is going to be huge for Abramov because Torts isn’t one to throw rookies into the fire and just accept anything less than perfection.


For those multitude of reasons, I don’t see him surprising and making the club, but I do expect he’ll put up some strong first-year numbers in the American league and start to earn more respect at the pro level.



Questions: “Thanks again for doing this!

Ok so here's my question: With the recent Yamamoto signing, what do you think the next 2 years hold for this talented kid?”



Answer: I believe we see Yamamoto push for triple digits with Spokane this season while vying for a WHL title and MVP award. He should also play a key role with the nation’s U20 squad at the World Junior Championships which will limit his games played in the Dub.


Heading into 2018-19, and thanks to his 1998 birthdate, Yamamoto will have completed his junior requirements and will be eligible to play in the AHL. That will be a very viable option for the extremely talented winger. He may very well surprise and break camp with the big club as a 20-year-old, but the Oilers should be in a position to be true contenders and unlikely to have the top six job available that he’ll need to procure in order to succeed.


Expect him to be a regular member of the Oilers in 2019-20 if all goes to plan.




Questions: “Does Timo Meier crack the top six this year?”


Answer:  Timo Meier should get a good long look in the top six at camp and should he display the level of skill that he’s shown in the past, he’ll have a great shot at nailing down a gig. He will, however, be battling with more experienced players who make more money than he