Linus Arnesson

Mike Drover





Linus Arnesson, D

Shoots: L

Height: 6-2

Weight: 190

Born: 1994-09-21

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Drafted:  2013 by Boston Bruins, 60th overall






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June 2017 – Linus Arnesson's career with the Boston Bruins organization may have come to a disappointing end. Back in 2013 the Bruins had high hope for the smooth skating Swede, but he was never able to put it all together in North America. Arnesson played just 79 games over three season with the Providence Bruins, getting knocked out of the lineup with several long lasting injuries and overall inconsistent play. Linus scored only 19 career points in Providence and finishes minus four during his brief stint with the club. Boston is however expected to extend a qualifying offer to Arnesson and hasn't given up on the young defender. While Sweeney has stated he thinks that Arnesson still has a lot of potential, he will return to Sweden for now to try to re-find his game. Mike Drover


March 2015 – Now 20, Arnesson is maturing into a very capable, smooth skating defenseman. He plays a physical game and is rarely caught out of position. He may play in North America beginning next season, but remember: Arnesson is very much a defensive defenseman (he currently has zero goals and five assists in 41 games with Djurgardens). He may eventually develop some offensive prowess, but for now dont 't even think of adding him to your fantasy roster. Michael Boeckler


October, 2013 – Arnesson is at least one more year away from playing in North America, but when he does, the solid Swede could have an impact. He’s a strong defender with excellent puck moving skills, albeit with limited offensive upside.This year Arnesson will be back for a second season with Djurgardens in the Swedish league, where the Bruins hope that he can add some more offense to his game (Arnesson recorded just one point, an assist, in 31 games last season). Michael Boeckler


Fantasy Outlook: D

Despite the offensive shortcomings, Arnesson has the ability to shut down the opposition.  He shouldn’t be on anyone’s fantasy radar, but the Bruins hope he can help them when he arrives in the next year or two.




Linus Arnesson in the Boston Bruins’ 2013 Rookie Camp :


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