DobberProspects Fantasy Mailbag: May Edition

Cam Robinson


DobberProspects’ Fantasy Mailbag:

May Edition


Yakkity Yak Yak… It’s the fantasy hockey offseason, the draft is inching closer each day, and most people have gone from knowing very little about this upcoming crop of draft-eligible players to being immeasurably intelligent experts in the span of a few short weeks.


Now’s the time to join the herd of scroungers looking for the next great youngin’ to take the league by storm.


Here are several questions posed by you, the people regarding all things fantasy hockey prospect-related.


I hope it helps!




Question: “NJ will most likely select a center (Patrick or Hischier) come draft day. What does that do to McLeod's value as Zacha is already ahead of him and one of the 2 draftees will most likely make the jump this year?

Do you think McLeod gets buried in the depth chart, shifts to the wing, gets moved…? He had a great season and amazing playoffs so I'm not sure what to think going forward.”



Answer: I think all three – McLeod, Hischier/Patrick and Zacha will get an opportunity to play centre in the NHL. Zacha has already played some wing and could easily slide over to that left side and become the big physical winger that many saw during his draft seasons. He’s played well at centre at times, but I wouldn’t call him a natural pivot.


McLeod has demonstrated solid production increases and with his speed, fore check and competent two-way game, I think he’s destined to be an elite middle six centre. Running a top six that has one of the lottery picks and Mcleod with Hall and Zacha on the two left wings is a well-balanced start to any potent forward corps.


New Jersey is slowly building something.




Question: “How would you rank:

McAvoy, Kapirzov and Guentzel compared to the 2017 draft class? Points only.”



Answer: You should consider Jake Guentzel right up there with Nico Hischier for the top spot. He’s going to outscore Hischier for at least the next two seasons and could achieve heights that Hischier will strive for throughout his whole prime-aged arc.


{source}<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">In 88 combined regular season &amp; playoff games this season in AHL/NHL, Jake Guentzel has scored 46 goals on 209 shots (22% rate). <a href="">#Penguins</a></p>&mdash; /Cam Robinson/ (@CrazyJoeDavola3) <a href="">May 19, 2017</a></blockquote>




Kaprizov is a full year out – like most of the 2017 prospects besides Patrick, maybe Hischier and the one random guy that seems to always surprise by breaking camp straight from the draft floor, but he remains a tremendous talent. It’ll be interesting to see how Kaprizov transitions to the smaller ice and North American game when he does transition over for 2018-19.


I expect there will be some growing pains, but his offensive ceiling appears as high as anyone in this year’s crop.


McAvoy is a going to be a great player, but I’m not sure that he’ll become a great fantasy asset. A player like Cale Makar would interest me more than