DobberProspect’s Fantasy Mailbag: March Edition

Cam Robinson


As the season slowly winds to a close and teams are quickly eliminated from their fantasy playoffs, the urge to consider next season is natural and enticing. After months of diligent work, you’re left with a, ‘better luck next year’ and a kick in the ass. Now begins the work for 2017-18 and with it, a better understanding of the young players on their way.


Here at DobberProspects, we’ll continue to pump out prospect-related mailbags each month in the hopes of helping you find the next diamond in the rough and earning you the right to rub it your competitors faces with exalted glee!


This month’s mailbag is chalked full of juicy questions so let’s get started!





Question: "Thanks for doing this, it's much appreciated!

Every year there seems to be at least one prospect projected to go in the first round that is very polarizing, some scouts seeing him go early, some others later or even in the second round. Who (if there are any) would be this year's polarizing players and what are your own thoughts about them?"


Answer: There are a handful of players that offer a wide range of opinions from scouts and draft forecasters. This is in large part to the separation in talent that occurs right around the middle of the first round. You can basically throw picks 16-40 in a blender as it’ll be very contingent on team needs and individual organizational biases.


One player who sticks out to me is Michael Rasmussen. The 6’5 centre from Tri-City of the Western League offers a tantalizing package of size and skill. Watching him play on a good night offers you a glimpse into what could turn out to be a 30-goal, top line centre capable of handling a yeoman’s workload. This potential has seen him on some draft lists as high as fourth overall.


On the other side of the coin, there have been many questions surrounding his ability to create offense at even-strength and whether his goal scoring prowess is the result of his being bigger and stronger than much of his competition – despite being just 17 years of age. Those who feel that way, see the Vancouver-native as not possessing great vision or creativity and relying on his heavy shot on the man advantage to rack up points. Those pundits have him falling deep into the first round and sometimes even into the 30’s and 40’s.


Having seen him play several times the last two seasons, I think he lands somewhere in the middle. Rasmussen does own very promising ability when coupled with his size and skating ability and would be a very worthwhile pick somewhere in the late teens or early twenties. I feel he’ll be a fairly safe NHL player, but that his top six upside is still very much in question.


The other player of note for this question would be Kailer Yamamoto. The exceptionally gifted forward is oh-so-slight standing just 5’8 and 160lbs but man can he create offense. His pure ability is up there with the best of this draft crop, but we’ll see how far he falls due to size concerns. He ranges anywhere from the 10-12 range all the way to early thirties on some board.