Ziyat Paigin

Mark Allan




Ziyat Paigin, D

Shoots: L

Height: 6-6

Weight: 194

Born: 1995-02-08

Hometown:  Togliatti, RUS

Drafted: 2015 Round 7, Edmonton Oilers



November 2016 – After an impressive season in the KHL last season, Paigin was solidifying himself as a top Oilers prospect. Since returning from injury he has struggled to find that form and has been sent down to the VHL recently. Brayden Sully


September 2016 – After being traded back to AK Bar Kazan in the off season, Paigin has been highly touted to produce and become a top pairing defender in his potential last KHL season. Unfortunately, only four games into the KHL season he suffered an undisclosed injury that will put him out for up to three weeks. Brayden Sully


June 2016 – Paigin was an interesting draft selection by the Edmonton Oilers and is one that could pan out. The seventh-rounder has a huge frame and will likely need time to grow into that frame, but he put up 27 points in 37 regular-season games with HK Sochi in the KHL. Paigin is now at a 0.38 PPG pace in his KHL time. Prorated over an 82-game season, his NHLE would be 48 points.

Paigin’s size doesn’t limit him as a player, as he has excellent skating ability and played 17 minutes a night. He isn’t an overly physical defenseman but is sound in his own zone. Offensively, he has a big slapshot and isn’t afraid to let it go. While his point production was a slight concern prior to this season, he has clearly made strides in his game and worked on his offensive game. The difficult thing is trying to gauge whether his game would be able to translate to North America. Zach Laing



Fantasy Outlook: C

Until Paigin is over on North American ice, it is hard to project what kind of a defenseman he is. He certainly seems to have the traits of a solid NHLer.




2015 IIHF Highlights:

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