Alex Gudbranson

Edric Joseph


Eric Gudbranson - photo courtesy:

Alex Gudbranson, D

Shoots: R

Height: 6-2

Weight: 214

Born: 09-03-1994

Hometown: Orleans, Ontario

Drafted: Undrafted







October 2017 – The younger Gudbranson has failed to show he has NHL upside and now has failed to prove he can play at the AHL level and is playing in the ECHL for the Toronto affiliate in Orlando. He is a NHL free agent and has no fantasy value at this point. Peter Harling

August 2016 – Alex Gudbranson will enter the upcoming training camp trying his utmost not to blend into the scenery, a common occurrence among ‘stay at home’ types. While he has been known to do too much, his best bet would be to go back to his dominant posture where he cautiously strives to make the correct play rather than the perfect play. Doing so would put him in a better position to succeed and have a favorable showing in September and early October. Edric Joseph

May 2016  – Alex Gudbranson was an entertaining player when suiting up for the Quad City Mallards this past year as he typically plays bigger than he is. That being said it’s yet to translate to much fantasy value beyond PIMs. His decision making when he has the puck on his stick could use more consistency. Very cerebral in his play, he seldom overwhelms himself trying to do too much. Edric Joseph


January 2015 – A relative unknown coming into this season, Alex Gudbranson has something to prove coming into his inaugural AHL season. After fours years of junior hockey, Gudbranson has announced himself as a physical player with tinges of offensive contribution. Gudbranson also comes from a hockey family, as his older brother Erik patrols the Florida Panther blueline. Not as promising as a shutdown defender as big brother Erik, nor does he have the same athletic tools, however he is quietly making a name for himself as a stay at home defender. Alex Gudbranson can really change the tempo of the game throwing the body like few others do for Iowa, much to the delight of the Wild faithful that have been missing. Edric Joseph



Fantasy Outlook: D

Can have moments where he pleasantly surprises, however it’s tough to see him suddenly flourish in an offensive capacity at the NHL level. Definitely has it in him to make a splash with defensive peripheral skater categories in a similar style to that of Adam Foote.


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