Prospect Ramblings: Some NHL Development Camp schedules and rosters… (Jun 30)

Paul Zwambag


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Development camp rosters and schedule information…

***Update: Friday, July 8th at 7:00pm – All rosters (except Los Angeles) are available and camp dates set.

***Update: Thursday at 9:00pm – Rosters for Buffalo, Detroit, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver

Below is a list of every team with their rosters linked or if they haven't been released, also the teams development camp schedule if it has been released already. This list is an easy, quick way of looking through most of the NHL teams prospect rosters all in one place.

Anaheim Ducks – ROSTER, camp starts July 1-4, scrimmage on July 4 @ 10:00am

Arizona Coyotes – ROSTER, camp starts July 4-8, scrimmage on July 8 @ 7:00pm

Boston Bruins – ROSTER, camp starts July 12-15

Buffalo Sabres  – ROSTER, camp starts July 6-12, scrimmage on July 9

Calgary Flames  – ROSTER, camp starts July 4-7, scrimmage on July 7 @ 9:30am

Carolina Hurricanes  – ROSTER, camp starts July 6-9, on-ice session July 9 @ 12:00pm open to the public

Chicago Blackhawks – ROSTER, camp starts July 10-15, scrimmage on July 9

Colorado Avalanche – ROSTER, camp starts July 5-9, 3-on-3 challenge on July 9 @ 10:00am

Columbus Blue Jackets – ROSTER, camp started June 27-30, 3-on-3 tournament on June 30 @ 4:30pm

Dallas Stars – ROSTER, camp starts July 5-9, scrimmage on July 9 @ 10:30am

Detroit Red Wings – ROSTER, camps starts July 6-10, scrimmage on July 8 @ 6:00pm and July 10 @ 11:00am

Edmonton Oilers – ROSTER, camp starts July 2-7, 4-on-4 game on July 6 @ 7:00pm 

Florida Panthers – ROSTER, camp starts July