Prospect Ramblings – NHL Draft by the Numbers

Hayden Soboleski


Attacking you with draft stats in this Sunday's Ramblings…

I don't have much of a prelude to this Sunday's Ramblings. The 2016 NHL Entry Draft happened on Friday and Saturday and teams re-stocked their prospect cupboards. Here is a look at various prospect numbers that hopefully you find just as interesting as I did, of not for evaluating propscts yourself then to simply gain a better insight into how the league as a whole seems to value various factors. Here you go:



  Count Percentage
Canada: 89 42.18
USA: 52 24.64
Sweden: 25 11.85
Russia: 17 8.06
Finland: 14 6.64
Czech Republic 4 1.90
Denmark: 3 1.42
Switzerlad: 2 0.95
Belgium: 2 0.95
Belarus: 1 0.47
Latvia: 1 0.47
Germany: 1 0.47



  Count P