Prospects Rambling – Studying the Development of a Playoff Performer

Hayden Soboleski


Continuing my look at the development of playoff performers in this Sunday Saturday Ramblings…


Last week I took a look at whether age and playoff experience are related to how well a player performs on the playoffs. One outcome I found was that out of the best of the best in this year's post-season, a very high percentage of them had at least two prior playoff appearances. So this raises the question: if prior playoff experience helps great players get even better, what does this development look like? This will be the topic of this week's investigation…


I've made a list of some of the top performing players in this 2016 NHL Playoffs, selecting players who have enough prior experience to provide useful data. I want to observe:

1. What their point progression looks like over years of gaining playoff experience, and

2. Compare these numbers to how many years they've been in the league (ie. does regular season NHL experience also play a factor?)


Here is the data I've tabulated for 13 of the best point producers so far in the  2015-16 cup run:

Year in league Tarasenko Pavelski Kessel Couture Kucherov Crosby Backes Schwartz
1 0.00 0.17   0.27