Jerry D’Amigo

Paul Zwambag


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Jerry D’Amigo, LW

Shoots: L

Height: 5’11

Weight: 213

Born: 1991-02-19

Hometown: Binghamton, NY

Drafted: 2009 by Toronto Maple Leafs, 158th Overall







May 2015 – D'Amigo has been pushed down the depth chart with the emergence of Justin Bailey and Nicholas Baptiste. D'Amigo's contract is up and he isn't likely going to resign with the Sabres organization. He could be headed for Europe or another team may take a chance on him. He finished the season with 12 goals and 12 assists for 24 points in 50 games played, which was 14th in Amerks scoring. Paul Zwambag


August 2015 – Jerry D’Amigo signed a one-year, two-way contract worth $700,000 at the NHL level and $125,000 at the AHL level. With this two-way contract, he will likely be in and out of the lineup and up and down from NHL to AHL. He won’t crack the lineup as a full time roster player for another year. If D’Amigo has a good year in the AHL or gets a reasonable amount of time at the NHL, he is going to have to show he is capable of being a consistent scorer at both levels. Paul Zwambag


May 2015 – Jerry D'Amigo was traded to the Buffalo Sabres in December 2014 for Luke Adam. Another trade for D'Amigo, which makes this his third team in as many years. Once considered a potential late rounder in deep fantasy leagues, D'Amigo has fallen off the radar and seems to be stuck in the AHL. In his 2014-15 Season with Springfield he had three goals, four assists and seven points in 28 games, but when he came to Rochester he had six goals, 13 assists and 19 points in 31 games. Jerry did get a sniff at the NHL in March but in nine games he tallied zero points. If he re-signs with the Sabres he could get a shot at the third or fourth line in Buffalo in 2015-2016, but I believe he will be in Rochester next year, especially if the Sabres add anybody else in Free Agency. His speed won't earn him a regular roster spot in the NHL on its own, he is still at least one to two years away. Paul Zwambag


July 2014 – In an exchange of restricted, unsigned players, the Jackets have acquired a lower line speedster who looks to have a better future outlook than he had in Toronto. The Blue Jackets themselves have little space on the NHL roster currently when considering contracts, but Jerry will be given a chance for his ‘Fear the Beard’ cause to break camp as a bottom three, utility forward. Columbus has a bit of a name for being a speedy team and D’Amigo will mesh very well with that system. Jason Banks


March 2014 – It’s taken awhile, but it seems his game is finally coming to him. After compileing only 11 points in 28 games, in the past couple months he has gone on a run with 16 points in only 13 games, including a current six game scoring streak. 10 of those 16 points have been goals and he is averaging 3.5 per game during the hot snap. He has returned to the zone of development I would like to see him. His next challenge will be sustaining this current play into the playoff run and utilize his speed, hands and responsibility in training camp next season in an effort to break in with the NHL squad. He could be a decent pickup in deep fantasy leagues as a late rounder should he make the Leafs. Jason Banks


December 2013 – With the Leafs scratching at the barrel, D’Amigo was summoned from the AHL to see what he could do. Thus far he has a pair of points, both in the same contest that was a 7-3 slapping of the Blackhawks. To be fair, his lack of production is not surprising seeing as most night Randy Caryle is only utilizing him for 3-8 minutes and sitting for entire periods. His stay with the team shouldn’t last much longer, but he can take what he has learned back down to the AHL and hopefully adjust to take his game back to the point in development it should be. He did show some durability after returning from being leveled by Robert Bortuzzo of Pittsburgh while trying a chip play to get past him. Jason Banks


November 2013 – After being handed the prefect situation to succeed, ‘failure to launch’ seems to be a tag we can put on him to this point. Not only is D’Amigo not producing at the level he should, his defensive play has seemed to regress, as has his ability to utilize his speed most nights. With Jesse Blacker being removed from the organization earlier this month, it would not surprise to see the underperforming, undersized winger also given a change of scenery to open up room for others to develop. Jason Banks


August 2013 – With Dallas Eakins moving to a job in Edmonton, the Marlies hired well known Canadian junior and former national coach Steve Spott to lead and develop Marlie players. D’Amigo played 21 games for Spott in Kitchener after Toronto felt Jerry was not yet ready for pro. For the Kitchener Rangers, under the eyes of Spott, D’Amigo posted 37 points in only 28 games. He took a step back in production last season in the AHL, but with the new coach familiar and a fan of him, expect big noise to be made of him. At seasons end he may be talked about as the most improved Leaf prospect and could find himself recalled at some point for injuries. Managers that plucked him after posting 12 points in the 2010 World Juniors should be very excited about his opportunity coming into this season. Jason Banks


December 2012 – His play has not been poor to start the season, but it was expected that we would see much more production from him over the course of a regular season. He is currently playing on the ‘hard-hat’ line with Greg Scott and Will Acton, all of whom have seven points each this season. Jerry has been scratched the most of the three and is likely to see more press box time with the emergence of Spencer Abbott. Jason Banks


May 2012 – Jerry has stepped up to another level in the AHL playoffs. He now has ten points in ten games and is a plus-10 in that time. He has scored six goals so far, five of which in the first round against Rochester. The goals he has scored have been of the hardworking and opportunistic type. Jason Banks


February 2012 – D'Amigo has come a long way in one season, playing limited minutes in a fourth line role then cast back to the OHL to a regular third line role with major minutes on the PK. Jerry is a very good skater, with great hockey sense in the two-way game, with good hands. His ceiling of offense is not very high, but that may grow with experience. He is on the long road to the NHL and will likely see one to three more years in the AHL. He will move up ranks of the Marlies next season and show his true potential on a scoring line. Jerry's biggest problem is his size. Still too easy to knock off the puck. He is starting to develop a mean streak in the past couple months, likely influenced by what Brian Burke wants to see. Jerry is currently learning the PK craft beside Mike Zigomanis. This duo anchors the best PK in the AHL. Jason Banks



Fantasy Outlook:  C-

D'Amigo likely won't ever play full time in the NHL, he will need a new contract with a different team to be given a chance to play in the NHL again.




1st NHL Goal on the rush & going to the net hard




Jerry throws a hit and then gets into a scuffle with Ian Schultz a Hamilton tough guy. Part of a game full of Line Brawls on Feb 11




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