Joni Ortio

Brad Wilson


Joni Ortio

Joni Ortio, G

Shoots: L

Height: 6-1

Weight: 183

Born: 1991-04-16

Hometown: Turku, Finland

Drafted: 2009 by Calgary Flames, 171st Overall







Apr 2016 – What a strange year for Ortio. Calgary constantly giving opportunities to everyone, waiting for someone to shine. Nobody shone. Everyone had decently good moments. Once Ramo got injured, Ortio emerged as the fan favorite and easily the best option. Sadly, this doesn't say much. Ortio might get a contract to be the backup next season, but this might only be because no better, cheaper options are available. – Joel Henderson


Feb 2016 – Ortio has been recalled due to an injury to Karri Ramo. Hartley likes to roll with whoever plays well, and stick to them repeatedly. The future of Ortio with the Calgary Flames is first in the hands of Hiller, but if opportunity shows itself for Ortio he needs to put together a few solid starts. He has not looked overwhelmingly great in the NHL or AHL this season. Tough to know what direction Flames are heading since contracts expire for Ortio, Ramo, and Hiller at the end of the season, but Ortio has a history of stepping up when people doubt. He will be fighting for a job when he steps in the ring. – Joel Henderson


Nov 2015 – Ortio was put on waivers to be assigned to Stockton. Joni was kept up by Calgary earlier in the season with the impression that others would claim him, but now that he is in the AHL it will be benficial to get playing time with Gillies down with injuries. With Ramo, Hiller, and Ortio all on one-year contracts, there is no clear cut path in the future for Ortio. He has not received playing time when many thought he should. He was not claimed on waivers by teams even though his price tag is low. – Joel Henderson


Nov 2015 – With Hiller going down with injury and Ramo being sent up and down the waiver lines, what does this say about Ortio? Management seems to think he is too precious to lose, but even after the ups and downs of the other goaltenders, he still remains as the number three, thus far. At this point, one has to begin to wonder why. – Joel Henderson 


Oct 2015 – Ortio has been a very strange case thus far. He has a similar playing style to Ramo and Flames seem to prefer keeping him in the NHL while Gillies gets plenty of playing time for the baby Flames. Hartley likes to lean on his vets, but with Hiller sidelined with an injury. Ortio will need a couple of solid games to earn trust. Consider him the same fantasy risk as you'd give to Hiller or Ramo at this point. – Joel Henderson


October 2014 – As expected Ortio will lead the Adirondack Flames into the 2014/15 season. He will be looking to build on the .926 SV% and 27 wins in 37 games that he posted last year. Brad Wilson


July 2014 – Ortio has signed a two year contract with the Flames. The first year is a two way deal with the second being one way for 600k. He had a strong year for the Heat and will look to continue to move toward an NHL gig this year while leading the farm team in Adirondack. The situation looks something similar to what the Blues had set up with Jake Allen and would suggest that Ortio is the planned backup to Jonas Hiller going into 2015-16. Karri Ramo goes UFA in July 2015. Brad Wilson


April 2014 – Ortio has been named to the 2013-14 AHL all rookie team. He sports the third best save percentage in the league (.924) and has a spectacular 24-8-0 record. In nine NHL appearances this season he is 4-4-0 with an .891PCT for the rebuilding Flames. Brad Wilson


December 2013 – Everyone has seen the European flavor the Calgary Flames have been employing in the NHL, but is anyone noticing the bigger story down in Abbotsford? Ortio has only lost a pair of games in the AHL this season while compiling a solid .921 save percentage. He has cooled off since opening the season with nine straight wins. This is his second attempt in North America and it looks like he will stick. His emergence allowed the organization to shuffle bodies in the crease leading Broissoit to be dealt and will allow Jon Gillies time to turn pro and grow. Should Reto Berra or Karri Ramo slump, the Flames would not think too long on recalling Ortio for a shot. He failed in his first North American attempt due to the fact he backed himself up and played rather small leading to him being exploited by AHL shooters, but this time around he has looked more comfortable and confidant. He flies under the radar of most managers, but he is worth a snare if you’re struggling for goalie prospects. Jason Banks


August, 2012 – Joni Ortio is an athletic young goalie with great talent. Despite his young age, he has been playing in men's games for three seasons. Ortio has been compared many times to his biggest idol Miikka Kiprusoff, and that's not only because they're both Turku natives. Ortio is most well-known for his outstanding performance in the 2011 World Juniors where he posted GAA of 1.86 and .931 saving percentage. Ortio has the ability to keep his nerves calm even in tight situations. He is under contract to the Flames but will play on loan in HIFK Helsinki this season as their starting goaltender. Miika Arponen


Fantasy Outlook: C+

Ortio will start for Adirondack this season and look to make the jump to Hiller's backup in 2015-16.




Highlight pack of big Ortio saves during a prospect camp game




Highlights of Ortio's first game for Team Finland




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