February 14 2016

Hayden Soboleski


A Valentine's Day Ramblings spreading our love for mid-season draft rankings, the latest NHL call-ups, and the best around the CHL…



NHL Playoff races are heating up…which means us fantasy fans are watching the races for the top 2016 draft spots! It's the season of love for draft-eligible players, and mid-season rankings are being released to get us extra excited for the top talent we’ll see in the pros next year.


In case it slipped by you yesterday, DobberProspects released a top-30 ranking of 2016 draft-eligible prospects. 15 experts contributed to this excellent list based on the future fantasy hockey value of the next generation of stars. An absolute must-read for keeper-league managers – check it out HERE


Though not based on fantasy potential, the legendary Bob Mckenzie’s mid-season draft ranking are always worth a read – you can find that article HERE



Scouting veteran Craig Button also released a ranking of NHL-affiliated prospects which is sure to cheer up fans currently suffering through a rebuild.




A few NHL prospect call-ups worth noting:


The Leafs recalled Brendan Liepsic who scored the game-winner in his NHL debut. The feisty winger could be a candidate to be an NHL replacement for any of the many Leafs that will be dealt away by the end of the month.




Joni Ortio is once again with the Flames as Ramo was placed on the IR, and could start seeing starts again if Hiller gets moved at the trade deadline.


Mike Reilly is getting another shot with the Wild. He scored his first NHL goal (and point) in a loss overshadowed by the firing of coach Yeo.


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