September 22, 2015

Austin Wallace



The first picks get first stars, looking at next first picks, the Dobber Expert’s League draft and more..  




I know it is only preseason, but after the summer it sure feels like prime hockey season. Drafts are happening, pre-season scrambles in keeper leagues, actual hockey being played on the ice, barely-NHL hockey being read into far too much, Cro McDavid and Eichel making people look silly… It’s preseason!


Let’s start with McEichel, because it won’t be long before they slip completely from prospect status.


I’ll keep it quick: McDavid is an all-star, Eichel isn’t far behind.


McDavid said he was a bit nervous, and he didn’t have any crazy plays. So a bit of a down game, with only two assists and the first star. Guess that’s OK for his preseason debut. The thing to pay attention to is that he was skating mainly with Hall and Purcell, a trio that is reportedly likely to stick for the start of the season.

In terms of fantasy value, the thing to watch is whether Purcell can hold down that slot or whether Yakupov will move up to complete the First Overall Line. Has any other team had three first overall picks on one line before? Even regardless of whether they were drafted by that team.



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Eichel, on the other hand scored a breakaway shorthanded game-winning goal, an assist, first star of the night, and he made an NHL defenseman look like a fool. They say he


For those who care about such things, Eichel isn’t wearing his preferred number (15) until he makes the team. It is a discussion for another day as to whether you want your players to always be mature and stoic, but Eichel has that in spades. He isn’t letting himself get too far ahead of himself, and he didn’t even celebrate after the aforementioned goal.



Jared Spurgeon getting spun around by a move that doesn’t even really get tried at the NHL level:

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Eichel w