Gianluca Curcuruto

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Gianluca Curcuruto, D

Shoots: Left

Height: 6-1

Weight: 185

Born: 1994-02-25

Hometown: Toronto, ON, CAN

Drafted: 2012 Columbus Blue Jackets, 182nd overall







June 2014 – Defenseman Gianluca Curcuruto was not signed by the Columbus Blue Jackets indicating that he will be re-enter the 2014 NHL Draft. Brendan Ross


April 2014 – After an outstanding 2012-2013 season with the Plymouth Whalers of the OHL, Curcuruto saw a slight regression in his point production with the team this season. After putting up 47 points in 67 games, he was only able to muster 28 in 57 this year. His plus/minus also dropped a difference of 50. Admittedly, the team, as a whole, did much better last year. He’s a reliable, dependable defenseman who needs to refine his overall game. He does possess a hard slap shot however.   Chris Bagwell



Fantasy Outlook: C-


At 20 years of age, it is far too early to estimate exactly where Curcuruto will end up.  Right now, with the depth at defense in their current prospect pool, it seems unlikely, especially with the coming drafts, that Curcuruto cracks the NHL line-up. That being said, he has more than a few years to improve and fill out a solid frame. If he does, he will be a bottom-pair defenseman.





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