Names You Need to Know Part 2

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    July 30, 2013   The next edition of NYNTK (that acronym really doesn't work, does it?) will focus on the Boston Bruins.     Torey Krug, D - If you followed the playoffs, you know who Krug is. However, he is included here because as a fantasy owner or poolie, you definitely need [...]

Names You Need To Know

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  July 28, 2013     The draft is complete, and training camp is still six weeks away, so I'm thinking that this is a good time to do a series of Ramblings to point out who I think are each team's top fantasy prospects. This will not be a ranking, per se, but rather [...]

Rossy’s 2013 NHL Draft Grades (Part 3)

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Tuesday, July 9th     Welcome back prospect junkies. In my precious two ramblings I covered teams A-M and how they performed at the 2013 NHL Entry Draft (go back to read more). Now, I present you with the final 15 teams ranging from Nashville to Winnipeg. Lets get to it...     Nashville Predators: [...]

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