Kyle Beach

Rex Doty





Kyle Beach, LW

Shoots: R

Height: 6-4

Weight: 205

Born: 1990-01-13

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Drafted: 2008 by Chicago Blackhawks, 11th overall










July 2014 – Rangers did not qualify Beach and he is an unrestricted free agent. Dobber


April 2014 – After this season, Kyle Beach has no NHL future. His poor play often wins him a seat in the AHL press box. New York will not renew his contract and will let him go. There will be no one who gives him another NHL contract. If someone has him in fantasy leagues, feel free to drop him, even in deeper leagues. He is done. His best chance to play professional hockey is in Europe or the ECHL. Jozsef Kurtosi


December 2013 – The journey continues for Beach, this time to the wild streets of Manhattan, or up the road in Hartford. The Blackhawks decided that in their best interests they needed to get him out of the organization, they tried sending him to Sweden, but that didn’t last, fortunately they found a trading partner in the Rangers. I’m not excited about his chances to turn around his career and find himself in the NHL anytime soon, but more unstable players have found jobs before. Jason Banks


June 2013 – Beach set a career high in PIM racking up an impressive 204 in 66 AHL games. He also put together a couple of decent months of offense adding seven points in 11 games in both November and January. In the end it’s the PIM that poolies will need to heed most with Beach, as that, and hits will be his meal ticket once he reaches the next level. Rex Doty


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November 2012 – Beach was named the AHL Player of the Week after scoring three goals and two assists in two games. It appeared as though the 22-year-old had learned to play with discipline, he was suspended for a game for a check to the head in a game November 9. Beach still has a high fantasy ceiling in leagues that count penalty minutes. Rich Dillon


December 2011 – Nowhere near as agonizing in either his own zone or off the ice to start the 2011-12 season, Beach looked to have finally found a mix between playing physical and playing stupid with six points in his first eight games of the season. But after suffering a serious shoulder dislocation during a routine scrap brought Beach’s future as a hockey player into question. Although it appears he may now return by March, it serves as a painful lesson for NHL clubs: a player’s development can be handled with the utmost patience, only to be completely destroyed with one injury. Matt Bugg


Fantasy Outlook: C-


Little offensive upside shown, but will be a stud for hits and PIM




Discussing his adventure to Sweden earlier this year




Beach vs. Milan Lucic didn’t end well for Beach




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