Season 2 Episode 1: Mock draft for the first 40 …






Guests on this podcast: @itovitch, @VictorNuno12, @curtis_rines, @HadiK_Scouting

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Season 2 Episode 1: Mock draft for the first 40 selections of the NHL 2023 draft and Pat is joined by Aaron Itovitch, Victor Nuno, Curtis Rines, and Hadi Kalakeche

  • Aaron Itovitch (@itovitch) Junior editor and covers the Montreal Canadiens
  • Victor Nuno (@VictorNuno12) Junior editor and co-host of both Dobber Prospects Report (@DPR_Show) and @FanHockeyLife
  • Curtis Rines (@curtis_rines) Junior Editor and covers the Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Hadi Kalakeche (@HadiK_Scouting) Director, North American Scouting and co-host Locked On Prospects (LO_NHLProspects)



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