Welcome to the new and improved podcast. You are now li …


Guests on this podcast: Sebastian High @high_sebastin


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Welcome to the new and improved podcast. You are now listening to:

DobberProspects Report

Still the DPR show but with a new host and producer demands an upgrade in the show name.

The Director of scouting for DobberProspects Sebastian High joins the show to talk about some of the prospects you need to know from the recent U18 World Championship.

Victor and Peter talk to Sebastian about NHL 2023 Draft eligible prospects and a few long rand 2024 Draft prospects gunning for the first overall ranking.

Players discussed include:

Finland – Kasper Halttunen 3:07

Czechia – Eduard Sale 10:55

Slovakia – Dalibor Dvorsky 15:10

Canada – Macklin Celebrini 22:05

Canada – Matthew Wood 28:02

Canada – Colby Barlow 36:55

Sweden – Otto Stenberg 44:44

Sweden Axel Sandin-Pellikka 48:20

USA – Oliver Moore 54:26

USA – Ryan Leonard 58:58

USA – Gabe Perreault 1:05:02

USA – Will Smith 1:10:55

USA – Cole Eiserman 1:16:05

Thanks to this episodes special guest Sebastian High – @high_sebastian

Follow the show at @DPR_Show and the hosts @VictorNuno12 and @pharling and our producer Evan Sabourin @sabourin91

Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!