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Report 9 : Dobber Prospects Organizational Ranking This is the third episode of a five part series that will review the DobberProspects Organizational Rankings Victor and Peter continue the count down to the top prospect pool in the NHL and talk a little about each team and some players that were ranked.

On report nine Peter and Victor count it down from the 15th ranked team to the tenth team.

Teams and players discussed on this episode include:

15. Dallas Stars – (Riley Damiani, Matthew Seminoff) – 2:54
14. Chicago Blackhawks – (Ryan Greene, Ian Mitchell) – 12:55
13. Philadelphia Flyers – (Ronnie Attard, Ethan Samson) – 24:05
12. Nashville Predators – (Semyon ChistyakovJuuso Parssinen) – 36:18

11. New Jersey Devils – (Tyce Thompson, Topias Vilen) – 46:00
10. Winnipeg Jets – (Arvid Holm, Elias Salomonsson) – 54:00
Enjoy the show, and thanks for listening.