This is the first episode of a five part series that wi …


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This is the first episode of a five part series that will review the DobberProspects Organizational Rankings

Victor and Peter start the count down to the top prospect pool in the NHL and talk a little about each team and some players that were ranked differently by each and why that may be.

32. Pittsburgh Penguins

Samuel Poulin 4:30

31. Tampa Bay Lightning

Niko Huuhtanen 10:14

30. New York Islanders

Simon Holmstrom 15:28

29. Boston Bruins

Georgii Merkulov 21:26

28. Washington Capitals

Alex Suzdalev 26:30

27. Florida Panthers

Aleksi Heponiemi 30:55

26. New York Rangers

Bryce McConnel-Barker 35:33

25. Vegas Golden Knights

Ivan Morozov 40:18

24. Colorado Avalanche

Ben Meyers 45:27

23. Vancouver Canucks

Jacob Truscott 51:13

22. Edmonton Oilers

Dylan Holloway 59:03

On the next episode of the DRP show, the count down continues as we start at 21 and work our way down to the 16th ranked team and will start to talk about more than one player per team as the talent pools get deeper.

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