Scouting Point of View: NHL Draft Top-15 Roundtable

Tony Ferrari


Graphic Courtesy of Andrew Armstrong


The 2021 NHL Draft is unlike any that we’ve seen recently. For a number of reasons, this year’s class is unique. From the difficulty of dealing with a global pandemic to the stop-and-starts in their playing schedule, if they’ve started playing at all, it has been a year like none other when it comes to covering the draft. There is also the fact that unlike any year in the last decade, not only do we not have a clear cut number one but we don’t even have the two-horse race that’s become custom.


Whether it was Taylor vs. Tyler or Matthews vs. Laine, the two-horse race is always a fun debate. In 2021, we could have as many as six-to-eight players realistically being justifiable as first overall picks. It gets even muddier from there with very little consensus on anything outside of knowing that certain players are likely top-10 prospects in this class despite not having a leader in the clubhouse.


To help show just how divisive, debatable, and vast the opinions on this draft class are, the DobberProspects’ Scouting Team has put together some individual top-15 rankings. Each of the scouts featured watched hours of video, engaged in seemingly endless discussion, and constructed a ranking of the top-15 players in their eyes. We had a number of different players land at number one, a wide variety of talent outside of the top-10 and various opinions on what this wild year has in store for this year’s NHL Draft.


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The scouts below have all submitted their top-15 ranking and a bit of commentary of what went into their thinking. Check out each scout below and follow them on Twitter.