ROBINSON: Five Bold Predictions For the 2020 NHL Entry Draft

Cam Robinson


Every year, draft aficionados convince the public that there is a general consensus for where each player will go on day one. Yet every year we have a selection that elicits gasps from the crowd, media and even a few scouting tables. If someone would have told you ahead of the 2018 draft that Barrett Hayton was going fifth overall ahead of Filip Zadina and Quinn Hughes, I think you would have laughed. I sure would have. But that’s exactly what happened. Last year, we saw Mo Seider come out of seemingly nowhere to be the second defender off of the board. 2017 it was Lias Andersson in the top-10. Don’t even get me started with the middle of round one in 2015.

This stuff happens every single year.


Thanks to COVID, we’ve had extra time to assess, but so have teams. And sometimes, that leads to some galaxy brain-level decisions to be made. Much to the chagrin of some fans and the delight to others. And so, I’m here to provide you with five bold predictions for the 2020 draft. I won’t be laying any cash on these happening, but they’re within the realms of possibility. And they’re fun to write!


You all did a masterful job of spicing things up here as well: