Jacob Perreault Interview



Jacob Perreault of the Sarnia Sting. Photo Courtesy of LaPresse.ca


Jacob Perreault is a prospect eligible for the 2020 NHL Draft. He currently plays with the Sarnia Sting of the Ontario Hockey League, where he put up 39 goals and 31 assists for 70 points in 57 games played this season. On a struggling Sting team, he completely broke out this year, making him one of the top prospects in this draft class and projected first-round pick for the draft.


Perreault is a versatile offensive forward who has a quick and heavy shot. He can score from many areas on the ice, including in front with his slick hands. He possesses elite skating abilities and can change his speed quickly. With his speed and high hockey IQ, he can create space and open up passing lanes for his teammates or give them opportunities off the rush. He will need to work on his defensive game, but he has the potential to be a solid top-six player at the NHL level.


I was able to ask Jacob some questions through Instagram.


Clare McManus: When did you start playing hockey and who was your favorite player growing up?


Jacob Perreault: I was around three years old I’d say when I started playing and my favorite player was my dad. I really looked up to him and I still do to this day.





CM: Has your dad given you any advice during your draft year?


JP: Yeah he has for sure. I’d say the biggest thing is to just control what you can control and keep getting better and better as the year progresses.


CM: Can you reflect on your season with the Sarnia Sting.


JP: Yeah I mean obviously it didn’t go the way we pictured it but I think we did a good job of pushing one another to become better players throughout the year and coming into next year we know what we need to do to help the team win.




CM: What do you like most about the position you play and what kind of playing style do you bring to a team?


JP: Well I think that being able to play on both wings makes it easier for me to adjust to the situation during the game and I think I can bring many different playing styles. I understand the game very well and am always looking for new ways to improve my game.


CM: When the time comes for the NHL draft where would you project yourself?


JP: I believe I can be a top 15 pick. Obviously you never know what will happen during the draft but that is where I see myself.




CM: Since the cancellation of the season due to the coronavirus, what have you been doing to stay as healthy as possible?


JP: Yeah I mean I’ve been doing my part here by social distancing and had time to spend with my family and been able to golf.


CM: That’s awesome. I started to pick up golf this summer as well. Have you been able to get back on the ice with rinks slowly starting to open back up?


JP: Yes I’m skating 4-5 times a week so I’m feeling good about my game and ready to start the season as soon as possible.




CM: That’s great. Have you been able to improve any areas surrounding your game during this time?


JP: Yeah for sure I’ve been improving on my strengths as well as my weaknesses. Coming into next year I want to be a two-way player and I have been doing a lot of video and agility and conditioning to be ready for it.


CM: For a fun question. Who would your dream NHL line be?


JP: Playing on the wing with Sydney Crosby and Patrick Kane would for sure be my dream line.


CM: Lastly, what pushes you through the hard times in hockey?


JP: You know that really my love and passion for the game. Playing the game we love is just something you dream of as a kid and playing in the NHL.


CM: Thanks so much for your time Jacob. You’re one of my favorite prospects. I’ll be rooting for you!


JP: Thank You!


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