Prospect Ramblings: Under-owned Fantasy Prospect Forwards

Brayden Olafson



The ongoing social distancing mandate has given me an excellent opportunity to begin working on my fantasy draft lists for this offseason. Typically I would’ve begun earlier and tweaked the lists throughout the season, but this year I simply didn’t have the time. As such, one tool that I’ve relied on to form a rough starting point for my list is the ownership percentage of players in Fantrax leagues. The stat is available to anyone who holds a fantasy team in a Fantrax league, and most other platforms have a value reflecting the same statistic. 


During my initial tweaking, I found a handful of players at the bottom of the barrel that baffled me. I wanted to take today’s Ramblings to discuss them a bit, and give my pitch for why their ownership rate should climb this offseason, beginning with you getting the inside scoop here and now. 


LW | Jayden Halbgewachs, San Jose Sharks 

1% owned in Fantrax Leagues | Growth Potential 200%-400%

They say every reaction in the world of fantasy hockey is an overreaction… well, they don’t actually say that about fantasy hockey, but I think when it comes to Halbgewaschs, that’s the case.


Is he a late bloomer? Absolutely. But the 23-year-old has already shown improvement at the AHL level since turning pro. He has one year remaining on his deal with San Jose and the team just might be in a position to give him a legitimate shot in the NHL. 


Give a listen to Epiose 82 of the Dobber Prospects Radio Podcast with Peter Harling. Around the 71 minute-mark, Peter asks Craig Button about how to tell the difference between a late bloomer who will go on to have some success as a pro, and one who won’t. Based on Craig’s answers, I think Halbgewachs has the potential to make an impact in the NHL before his career is over.


Based on some current comparables of Alex Volkov (TB) and Aleksi Saarela (FLA), who granted, may be over-owned, I’d say Halbgewachs stands to be snapped up in closer to 4% of leagues – a 400% increase from his current rate.


C | Adam Beckman, Minnesota Wild

5% owned in Fantrax Leagues | Growth Potential 150%-200%

The 2018 third-round draft-pick outscored any player in the Western Hockey League this year, tallying just shy of 50 goals as an 18-year-old. The spike in production comes as a bit of a surprise considering his pedigree, but Beckman boasts a mature skillset which was foolish for all of us to doubt. Even more foolish is the fact that a player who would now be considered in the top-20 of his draft class remained stuck at 5% ownership. 


The toolsy, and tenacious forward signed his ELC with the Wild this March and could be a darkhorse for the 9-game trial this fall. Minnesota’s lack of recent success is enough reason to believe that few jobs are secure on the fr