Prospect Ramblings – Expectations for Recently Signed NCAA Drafted Prospects

Pat Quinn




Welcome to the Thursday Ramblings. I have found a topic to write about for this week. Hopefully everyone is safe. I miss sports. No idea what else to say! I could discuss where prospects will be drafted but my list is set and likely not moving until the draft order is created. When I have time I re-watch games and my opinion does not change all of that much on where I have prospects.


Non-hockey message: I have been watching The Expanse and seasons one to three are really good, but I have been annoyed at season four. Then I read about all the love for it and I do not get it. This is a down season for me. As a massive Kevin Smith fan, I finally got around to watching Jay and Silent Bob reboot. Why if I am a massive fan did I wait so long? Well because it looked like it sucked. After watching it… it only mostly sucked, so I guess that is a plus. It had some great jokes, some awful ones, and did not seem like a reboot but instead like old Jay and Silent Bob hang around with Kevin Smith’s daughter the movie. Anyway, for further discuss tweet me @FHPQuinn


Speaking of my twitter, here is my #GoodTweet of the week:

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Well let me get in to what I actually was writing about



Trevor Zegras (ANA) – Three-year ELC signed March 27, 2020

If he comes in as a centre he will have to compete with Getzlaf, Henrique, Steel, and Lundestrom for the top three centre spots, so my bet would be him starting on the wing or the AHL for at least half a season if the Ducks want him to be a centre. On the wing he can be hidden a bit better and pro