Prospects Mailbag – September Edition

Chris Wassel




Hello everyone and welcome to a new season of the DobberHockey prospects mailbag. This month’s edition is a bit shorter than usual and we did a little thing where we highlighted the question straight from Twitter. 


Hopefully, the editor forgives us on this one. Anyway, let the fun begin. 





23/09/19 15:26

Replying to @ChrisWasselDFS @DobberProspects

Please Grade My Prospect Squad: Lucas Raymond Aleksi Heponiemi Timothy Liljegren Kristian Vesalainen Cole Caufield Eeli Tolvanen Alex Newhook Alexander Holtz Dylan Holloway Dominik Bokk


The grade would be a good one here even if a prospect like Dominik Bokk does not pan out like some thought originally. This an excellent group overall. With talent like Cole Caufield, Alex Newhook, and Aleksi Heponiemi, for starters, this is an A- group at a minimum. Add in Vesalainen and Liljegran and this is a recipe for prospect success. 

Did we mention Eeli Tolvanen and his gradual progress yet? That would be a strong squad for most NHL teams. Even players like Holtz and Holloway have high potential as well. Holtz could be one of the first five players taken during next year’s NHL draft. As for Holloway, he has been ranked in the top ten and has been ranked as high as seventh or eighth. 

There is a good balance of players including defensemen. We almost forgot Lucas Raymond who could go second or third in the 2020 NHL Draft. This is one of the better arranged prospect groups seen in a good while. 

Would one like to see a prospect goalie? Sure! However, goalies rarely get drafted in the top-10 or even 20 in drafts. That is the reality of the prospect world we live in. Again, this is an A- to A ranked prospect group.





23/09/19 15:18

Replying to @ChrisWasselDFS @DobberProspects

Can Sandin be a credible points only keeper league fantasy defenceman 3+ years out? Reilly is also young and looking to have PP1 for a decade barring injury


Absolutely, Sandin could be that type of player. He is just 19 years old and already playing in the AHL this season for the Toronto Marlies. Three years old would mean he is still only 22. That is a very young age and his progress is expected to be at the NHL level by later this year or next season. 

So add another couple seasons of NHL experience and it becomes quite plausible that Sandin, at 22 or 23, could be a credible points-only keeper league fantasy defenseman. The Toronto defenseman can always inch his way into a nice role as a second-pairing defenseman in Toronto which will still garner a good amount of points. 




Tony Ferrari


Replying to @ChrisWasselDFS @DobberProspects

Is this good? I think it’s good.