Shift Work: Cole Perfetti

Tony Ferrari


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Welcome to the first edition of a new series called “Shift Work“. I’ll be bringing you some comprehensive breakdowns of a player’s game as we go over an entire game of tape from a player. We will be focusing in on that player’s shifts and getting a peek at what the average game of that player looks like. We will be highlighting a lot of things that scouts and evaluators look for when they are watching a player’s game. I couldn’t do this nearly as easy if it weren’t for collaboration with Prospect Shifts

Prospect Shifts is an outstanding resource for talent evaluators and scouts alike as they condense a player’s game down into just their shifts. This shift-by-shift breakdown allows you to get a viewing of a player in far less time. Rather than watching a full 60-minute game with TV breaks and intermissions, you can get a quick viewing in within 20 minutes. The player is highlighted at the beginning of each shift and any important event such as a goal, assist, powerplay or penalty kill are all indicated in the bottom right corner of the video. It’s an excellent service but its certainly just one of many tools in an evaluator and/or scouts repertoire. 



Without further ado, today’s subject is going to be one of the hottest names from the 2020 Draft at the moment, Cole Perfetti of the Saginaw Spirit. The high-end goal scorer is one of the hottest names in the prospect world right now as he just finished breaking the Hlinka-Gretzky Cup record for points in a tournament with 12 points in five games. He had an eye-popping eight goals, most of them highlight-reel quality. Today we are going to be looking at a game with team Canada from August 9th, 2019 against team Sweden at the Hlinka-Gretzky Cup. If you would like to follow along and rewatch the entirety of Perfetti’s shifts, sign-up for Prospect Shifts service ($5/$10 levels for a monthly subscription) and check it out here.  


First Period

We start near the beginning of the game. Perfett