WHL Report: First Round of the playoffs… and beyond

Joel Henderson


The WHL playoffs are upon us! 


The time of the year where the best of the best go head to head and out pops the diamonds from the coal. Teams have the ability to focus on star players and see if they can contain them. The trade deadline proves whether a team who bolstered for a long run has the ability to follow through.  

Let’s take a look at Round One and I’ll touch on a few key aspects to know.  



Vancouver  vs Seattle  

This series could have been way more interesting than first meets the eye. Both teams came into the playoffs after putting forth really consistent efforts in their last 10 games but one could say the series was a tale of two D-men.  

Bowen Byram (2019) led the way with consistent efforts for Vancouver and Jake Lee (2019) got frustrated early and ended up serving a two-game suspension in a blowout Game One victory where he cross-checked a player into the post in the dying seconds of a 7-1 loss.  

The depth of Seattle simply couldn’t compete. Draft-eligible Henry Rybinski (2019) had two points in six contests which simply was not good enough for the Thunderbirds.

4-2 Vancouver Win 


Victoria  vs Kamloops  

Kamloops was not able to muster a lot of offense but we got a glimpse at what is to come from Connor Zary (2020 draft). He’s a late Sept birthday so we won’t see him drafted until later on but he led the way with four points. Victoria’s Scott Walford (MTL 2017) is performing well with seven assists in nine games and has been extremely useful on the PP.  

4-2 Victoria Win 


Everett vs Tri-City 

Connor Dewar (MIN 2018) (7 points in 6 games) is currently